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Eric's Candles & Curios

Brujeria, Magia, Curanderismo


The following are special items used to enchance your magical spells, baths, cleansings, and more. All suggestions for better results are carried here at Eric's Candles & Curios.

Mexican Rattlesnake powder (Polvo Vibora de Cascabel)

(23 available)

Use this to make other creations or make spells and potions stronger. Use when working with the spirit of the rattlesnake. Used to make your enemies retire from attacking you, protection, and also used to attack your enemies. Has many uses when mixed with other items.

Cursed Salt 3 oz (Handmade)

(24 available)

Use to curse, close roads, punish enemies, and bring negativity. Can be added to other Black magic items to make other powerful creations. Use with caution. 

Blessed Salt 3 oz (Handmade)

(15 available)

Use to purify and remove negativity. provides protection, Absorbs negative energy, add to herbal baths for purification. Exorcisms and banishing evil. Can also be used in reversible spells.For better results use with Holy Water prepared by Eric. 

Cascarilla cup 1 oz (Handmade)

(55 available)

Use in spells, baths, and magical rituals. Helps remove brujeria, black magic, curses, evil eye, envy...Brings protection,peace, harmony, helps removes addictions, purifying, helps remove dark spirits... 

Palm Oil 2 oz

(10 available)

To dress candles, use in offerings to spirits, to call spirits, used in spells, and many other magical preparations. 

Caribbean Coconut Oil 2 oz

(9 available)

Purifying, healing, opens roads, peace, cleansing.. Use with candles and trabajos. For better results also use Coconut soap daily. 

Colorines pk

(2 available)

Prosperity, abundance, luck, success, money, protection.... 

Floating wicks (Box of 15 wicks)

(6 available)

Box of 15 wicks and holders that burn with a steady flame on natural olive oil. Olive oil is 99% pure fuel so it produces no smoke or odor. Nite Lites are odorless when burning, using a dropper you may add a few drops of oils like Sandalwood, Rose, Violet, Lavender or Cinnamon to create a pleasant aroma.