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Eric's Candles & Curios

Brujeria, Magia, Curanderismo

Magical Oils

The following natural Magical Oils come in a large 1 oz glass bottle and are handmade by Eric. These Oils are made in a old world way and possess special powers to help bring about your desires. Most of the magical oils do have a natural sent from the herbs and roots, plus all natural essential oils . Others have no scent. These magical oils have been prepared and already prayed over and made in a months long process. The oils were made with the intention to have a more powerful and magical effect being made the Old World way.

(Due to the oils also having Essential oils in them,

Do not use or handle if your are pregnant or nursing. Use with caution if you have high blood pressure, are diabetic, or have sensitive skin.)

Chango Macho oil 1 oz (Handmade)

(4 available)

Help bring gambling luck & money with the spirit of good luck. Contains essential oils. Also contains 24k gold powder. For better results use Chango Macho soap daily and burn a prepared 7 day (3 color) Chango Macho candle. 

Coconut oil 1 oz (Handmade)

(2 available)

Use to purify, good health, clear the roads, attracts good spirits. Contains Essential oils. For better results also use Coconut soap daily. 

Reversible oil 1 oz (Handmade)

(3 available)

Use to reverse evil back to its sender. When doing reversible spells as always, use great Caution. Contains Essential Oils. For better results also use Reversible soap daily. (Use only for spells, DO NOT USE ON SKIN) 

Shut your mouth oil 1 oz (Handmade)

(5 available)

Use to stop gossip, bad mouthing, and hateful words about you. Contains Essential oils. (Use only for spells, DO NOT USE ON SKIN)