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Eric's Candles & Curios

Brujeria, Magia, Curanderismo

Interpretation of

7 Day Candles

Free Candle Interpretations on 7 day candles Purchased from Eric's Candles & Curios

Top of Glass on Candle is Black

This means Negativity on starting this Candle. This can also mean Envy, Road Blocks, or Negativity Blocking You. Helps to place a glass of water next to candle that has this sign while burning.

Candle with a High Flame

This could be a good sign if burning a Money or Protection Candle, indicating your enviroment is Free of Negativity. When burning a 7 Day Candle to Harm or Dominate means that the person has No Protection and will quickly be effected by your spell. On a Saint Candle followed by the Top of Glass being Black, means Brujeria. Also if the High Flame has a Spiral, this is a Sign of a Demon Close to You. Very Powerful Black Magic is placed on You. A Limpias is needed to Remove this Evil.

Candle with a Low Flame

Means what you are wanting to come about will take a while, also that your enviroment has Negativity or you need a Limpias to remove Negativity from yourself.This area Must Be Cleansed for the spell to be successfull. If on a Candle used to Harm or Dominate, means the person has Strong Magical Protection and other spells are needed to get a hold of the person.

Candle Does Not Burn

Means both your enviroment and yourself are in need of a Deep Cleansing if on a Candle to bring Prosperity or Protection. Negativity is Blocking you from reaching your goals. On a candle to Harm or Dominate means this spell will not be successful. Try a Different Type of Spell.

Candle Burns Black from Top to Bottom

This is a Very Negative Meaning. Means Brujeria, this person is Bewitched. Helps to Cleanse Yourslef and Enviroment of this Evil. Also if you have the Strength against person against you, Prepare a Spell to Reverse the Evil placed on you.WARNING if not Strong enough to carry out this Spell, Could be Very Dangerous and Harmful to You. Please consider that there are many Magical Traditions that deal with Magic and Witchcraft , and some Spells are Stronger than Others.

The Candle Explodes

This has Three Meanings, One being the Candle Protected you from Harm if on a Protection or Reverse Candle.Two if you are Trying to do work on someone, means that the person has Strong Protection. You will need to try something else with this Candle to Break their Protection. Three if on a Saint Candle, no matter how many you light, it Explodes. Means another sign of Brujeria.

Glass on Candle Cracks

On a Candle used to Harm or Dominate means that You have Broken the Persons Protection and can now affect them. On Protection Candles, means the Candle has Broken the Negativity on You. On a Saint Candle No Matter how many you light, means Brujeria. This is a Sure sign of Black Magic, and that Evil Spirits or Demons Do Not allow you toLight these Candles.

Candle Flame Crackles

On a Protection Candle, means Bad Intentions Towards You. If on a Tapa Boca/ Shut your Mouth Candle, means the persons who has their name attatched to this Candle, is Currently Talking About You. On a Candle to Harm , means that that person has you on their mind. If that person is a Brujo or Bruja, then The Spirits they work with are Fighting Yours. Caution.

Bottom of Glass is Black

On a Candle used to Harm or Dominate, means the person is Currently Aware of your attempts to Harm or Dominate, and their Spirits have Begun to Send back what you have done. It is nowDifficult or Impossible to get another attempt with your spell. On a Protection, Prosperity, Money, or Luck Candle, means Negativity or Black Magic has just been sent to you.

Candle Burns Only on One Side

Means the Candle will only be Half Effective. Another meaning is that you have Not Prepared this Candle Correctly. Always use the Correct type of Oils, Herbs, Powders, that pertain to the Candle for the Spell to be Successful.

Candle with More than One Flame

On a Candle to Dominate a person, means this person has other people Helping Them. On a Protection Candle, means that You have Enemies Near You. On a Candle with Top of Glass Black and More Than One Flame Followed by Black Smoke coming out of Top means Brujeria, if also followed by Bugs or Worms begining to show on Top of Candle, means you have The Most Powerful BrujeriaPlaced Upon You. This sign is Very Dangerous.

Top of Candle is On Fire

Means that Your Spell is being Fought Off if Burning a Candle Against Someone, but Your Spell will more likely be Successful. Can also mean that Someone has Just begun to Place a Spell on You.

Candle that Blinks or Flickers

Means Spirits are around your Spell. If Invoking Spirits, means the Spirits have Arrived.

Candle Burns out Before 7 Days

On a Reverse Candle, means Negativity Around you. On a Candle to Harm, means the person has Strong Spirits Helping Them, but that your Spell will still be Effective. This is a Good Sign, if burning Candle of Prosperity. This means Money is on its Way to You. If on Health Candle means that the illness the person has is Stronger Than Your Spell, and that is a matter of time till the Illness Takes over. Other Spells are Quickly needed to help Remove the Illness.

Turning Off a Candle to Light Later

This can Only be Done with Prosperity Candles. It is Not Recommend on Candles to Harm, Dominate, or Reverse, Reason Being the Spell will not Work Again. Also that the Person is Now Aware of Your Attempt to Attack Them.

Candle Flame Turns Itself Back On

Means Your Spirits Do Not Want You to turn off this Candle, Because of Something Good or Bad Headed Your way. Remember that Your Guardian Spirits know what is Best for You.

Flame Goes Out During Spell

On a Protection Candle, means that Brujeria was placed on You, and the Spirits Assisting You were Not able to Defend You from this. On a Candle Against Someone, means that their Spirits have Fought Off Your Spells and have Alarmed Your Enemy. Protection on Yourself, also a Another Spell is Needed toward Your Enemy.

Black Smoke When Lighting 7 Day Candle

Means that Your Enviroment has alot of Negativity or Evil. Recommend that light a Saint Michael, San Cipriano, or Limpias Candle. Also Perform a Cleansing of Your Enviroment. Holy Water also Helps.