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Eric's Candles & Curios

Brujeria, Magia, Curanderismo

Household Candles

For more information on how to use these candles purchase candle books.

Brown 6" Household Candle

(35 available)

Energy of the Earth, To Find Work, Luck in Work, Clears Problems at Work.. 

Green 6" Household Candle

(3 available)

Nature, Natural Energy, Trees, Fields, Opens the Roads, Work, Prosperity, Money.. 

Orange 6" Household Candle

(29 available)

Solar Energy, Bring Clients, Helps draw Money to a Business, Success in Business. Sunday. 

Purple 6" Household Candles

(17 available)

To Open Spiritual Energetic Field, Spiritual Awaking, Motivation, Drive, Strength, To Have Force of Will.. 

Red 6" Household Candle

(30 available)

Fire, Physical Attraction, Sexuality, Passion, Uniting a Couple, Brings Harmony to Couples, For a Lover to Return, Lovers, force, Ideal for the beginning of projects or business. Tuesday. 

White 6" Household Candle

(23 available)

Energy Of God, Positive Energy,Takes Away Harm and Evil, Opens the Roads, Purity, Purify a Marriage , Health...

Yellow 6" Household Candle

(9 available)

Solar Energy, Money, Good Luck, Economic Growth, Money Drawing, Good Fortune..