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Eric's Candles & Curios

Brujeria, Magia, Curanderismo

English Books

Gypsy Sorcery & Fortune Telling

(1 available)

Learn Gypsy fortune-teling by cards, palmistry or chiromancy, amulets, gems, charms, talismans and mascots, stones according to the sun's period, herbs & their magical properties, and more! 2010 106 pages 

The magic book of Money & Riches

(2 available)

Learn the secrets to attract money & riches using the law and attraction. Learn how to change your thinking to bring riches into your life. 2010 75 pages 

Old Love Charms & Spells by Tarostar & I AM

(2 available)

In this spells book you will find: Special recipes of herbs blends and precise instructions for making incense. That information combined with old magical chants, are made to assist you in making all your wishes come true. Included is a list of special oils, simple guiding steps to undo unsuccessful spells, an introduction to white magic, and much more.. 1999 41 pages 

The 21 Divisions/ Dominican Voodoo by Carlos Montenegro

(1 available)

Learn about the Dominican Voodoo Gods, how to setup a altar, offerings to the gods, colors, and much more! 2009 76 pages 

How to Conduct a Seance by Anna Riva

(1 available)

How to Conduct a Seance by Anna Riva is an easy to understand instructions for conducting your own "Spiritual Circle." Covers all you need to know, who should attend, how to begin the seance, best time to conduct one, proper lighting and temperature and how long it should last. 1994 18 pages 

The Black Pullet

(2 available) 

This famous book of Black Magic first surfaced at the end of the 18th century. With no traceable history The Black Pullet remains the most outstanding of these works. The anonymous author disavows any connection to Black Magic, yet details the construction of a series of talismanic rings and their uses in magical practice. The various Talismans, languages, the power to discover hidden secrets and invisibility. 2000 80 pages

A treasury of Witchcraft

(1 available)

It offers a comprehensive examination of witchcraft in its diverse forms, including divination and astrology, lycanthropy and Necromancy, and all the varieties of thaumaturgical practice.. 1961 271 pages

Birthday Secrets

(1 available)

Your birthday can provide the answers. Flip to your special day in Birthday Secrets and discover the characteristics it holds and what that says about you. The tips inside can help you develop your natural talents. 2013 160 pages 

Dream Secrets

(1 available)

This book offers tips to help you tune in to your dreams. Open Dream Secrets today, and let your dreams lead you to understanding! 2013 160 pages