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Eric's Candles & Curios

Brujeria, Magia, Curanderismo


Wear these magical colognes daily to enhance your life and create positive changes. All colognes have been prayed over to bring you stronger results. All suggestions for better results are carried here at Eric's Candles & Curios.

7 Indian Tobacco 2 oz Cologne

(1 available)

Authentic scent draws power, affluence, and self confidence. For better results also burn a 7 day Tobacco candle. 

Indian's Gold 2 oz Cologne

(1 available)

Discover the hidden treasures within yourself. For better results also burn a 7 day Tobacco candle.

Seven Men 2 oz Cologne

(2 available)

The greatness of the 7 will envelop you under their protective wings. For better results wear after using Siete Machos soap. 

Tame 2 oz Cologne

(2 available)

A seductive fragrance to calm your lover. For better results also wear Musk crystals around your lover.