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Eric's Candles & Curios

Brujeria, Magia, Curanderismo



These candles are fixed and have been prayed over by Eric to help bring about your desires. Cocktail candles are used to help with any situation you may come across. They are made with mixture of Essencial and Essence oils, special items are also added to the candles. They also provide aromatherapy and increase your spells. Let the aroma captivate your senses.

Coconut Cocktail Candle

(6 available)

Use to bring luck, health, and money. Opens roads. For better results use with Coconut soap daily and wear Coconut Oil made by Eric. 

Come to Me Cocktail Candle

(5 available)

To Help Bring a Person Closer to You. To Help Bring back a Lost Love or Person. For better results use Come to Me soap, and wear Come to Me Essence daily.

Lemon Cocktail Candle

(2 available)

Use to cut the Bad Luck and keep away Bad Spirits. To purify your home and help remove envy. For better results use with Against Envy soap daily and anoint windows with sign of cross using Ajo Macho oil made by Eric to keep spirits away. 

Money Drawing Cocktail Candle

(10 available)

Use to Draw Fast Money and Luck in all areas of your Life. For better results also use Fast Luck or Money Drawing soap daily. 

Separate Lovers Cocktail Candle

(8 available)

Use to break up relationships. To cause distance between people. For better results burn with Prepared Red and Black Retire (Del Retiro) Candles and Retirement Oil made by Eric.