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Eric's Candles & Curios

Brujeria, Magia, Curanderismo


The following statues are to make your faith stronger and are used in trabajos. Most of the statues are Aztec, Mayan, or other prehispanic gods. Most statues we carry are vintage, rare, or one of a kind. The shipping cost for these statues is a little higher due to the statues being very rare and of vintage condition.

Aztec Goddess Coatlicue statue - OUT OF STOCK

(0 available)

Terracotta. The Aztec goddess of earth and fire, and mother of the gods and mother of the stars of the southern sky. She represented the type of the devouring mother in whom were combined both the womb and the grave. Coatlicue was a serpent goddess, depicted wearing a skirt of snakes. H 13", W 10 1/2", D 8 1/2" 

Aztec Goddess Tlazolteotl statue - OUT OF STOCK

(0 available)

Terracotta. Tlazolteotl is a Goddess of lust, carnality, sexual misdeeds. She is also a goddess of purification, steam bath, midwives, filth, and a patroness of adulterers. Her festival, Ochpaniztli, was held September 2–21 to recognize the harvest season. The ceremonies included ritual cleaning, sweeping, and repairing; as well as the casting of corn seed, dances, and military ceremonies. Helps with amarres, marriage spells, love spells, some cleansings, and associated with Harvest. H 9", W 4 1/2", D 4"

Aztec God Huitzilopochtli statue - OUT OF STOCK

(0 available)

Aztec god of war. Huitzilopochtli was the Patron of the Mexicas, who are more generally known as the Aztecs. He symbolized the sun, war, youth and conquest. His favorite color is light blue. Helps with defending you against your enemies. In December the Aztec festival called Panquetzalitzli is held to honor him. H 10", W 3 1/2", D 2 1/2" 

Aztec God Mictlantecuhtli statue - OUT OF STOCK

(0 available)

Terracotta. Aztec god of death. Husband of Mictecacihuatl, (La Santa Muerte). He is king of Mictlan (Aztec Underworld) Bats, Owls, and Spiders are associated with him. Helps with getting rid of your enemies and controlling spirits. HIs color is black. H 9 1/2", W 3 1/2", D 2 1/2" 

Aztec God Xochipilli statue - OUT OF STOCK

(0 available)

Terracotta. (Prepared) Aztec god of flowers, dance, beauty. The prince of flowers. Helps with trabajos of Abre Caminos, and money. His colors are yellow and pink. H 9", W 6", D 5 3/4" 

Mayan God Buluc Chabtan statue

(1 available)

Terracotta. Buluc Chabtan is a Mayan god of War, Violence, Human Sacrifices, Sudden Death. Helps with defending you against your enemies. (A small piece broke off while moving statue and was repaired. Can be seen on the top right of head dress. Price has been reduced.) H 15 1/2", W 15", D 7" 

Mayan God Chac statue

(1 available)

Terracotta. The Mayan god of fertility and agriculture, the one who sends thunder and rain. H 8 1/2", W 6 1/4", D 5 1/2" 

Mayan Princess statue - OUT OF STOCK

(0 available)

Terracotta statue of a Mayan princess. This small sculpture known as a Jaina (pronounced "Hi-na") figurine is from the classical period and is one of the several found on the island of this same name off the coast of Campeche. It represents a woman of rank in a fine cotton Huipil (or dress) and wearing an elaborate hairstyle. Her head shows the ritual deformation typical of the ancient maya. H 61/2", W 4", D 1 3/4