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Eric's Candles & Curios

Brujeria, Magia, Curanderismo

Incense sticks

Blessings Incense

(2 available)

To bring Blessings. 15 stick count. 

Celestial Incense

(12 available)

To help Meditate. 15 stick count. 

Fortune Incense - OUT OF STOCK

(0 available)

To bring Money and Fortune. 15 stick count. 

Jasmine Blossom Incense

(4 available)

To attract luck in Love. 15 stick count. 

Nag Champa Incense

(22 available)

To clear away negativity. 15 stick count. 

Rain Forest Incense

(16 available)

To help Meditate. 15 stick count. 

Romance Incense

(11 available)

To help bring Romance. 15 stick count. 

Sandalwood Incense - OUT OF STOCk

(0 available)

To help bring luck and money. Better Business. 15 stick count. 

Sunrise Incense

(6 available)

Energetic . To Meditate. 15 stick count.