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Eric's Candles & Curios

Brujeria, Magia, Curanderismo

7 Day Saint


Seven day Candles can be used alone or in combinations. All seven day candles can be prepared by Eric with special herbs, oils, and prayers upon request for an additional fee. Bring money, luck, love, health, work, success, and more with these candles. All suggestions for better results are carried here at Eric's Candles & Curios. 

Prepare a Candle

Purchase for each candle needed prepared. The candles are blessed, magical prepared with herbs, oils, and other magical ingredients. Infused with special prayers. All candles are prepared by Eric. This is just option to prepare a candle, the candle of same title still needs to be purchased.

Divine Baby Jesus

(3 available)

Use for Protection of Children. 

Just Judge

(2 available)

To bring success in Court or Legal Matters. 

Most Powerful Hand (Perfume)

(1 available)

To bring a helping hand in resolving problems in life, also used in gambling, steady work, and health. 

Nino Fidencio Constantino

(12 available)

A Famous Curandero. Use to help with healing physical illness. Major Illnesses For better results use Nino Fidencio soap, and wear Nino Fidencio Essence oil daily. 

Sacred Heart of Jesus

(4 available)

To bring blessings to the home, Special requests, and solving difficult problems. 

San Martin De Porres

(14 available)

To help with Spirit Communication and developing Psychic Powers. 

St. Anthony

(7 available)

For Blessings, Open the doors, and to find lost things. To help get married, or strengthen a marriage. 

St. Barbara

(10 available)

To bring love, Dominate enemies.

St. Martha

(13 available)

To dominate difficult people, to bring back a lover. 

St. Ramon

(7 available)

To stop gossiping people.